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The Foundation

The Famsa Foundation was set up in 2011 by Bernard Sabrier and is the controlling shareholder of Unigestion Holding. Famsa aims to support the long-term stability and growth of this strategic investment.

In order to create a meaningful impact, a proportion of the dividends paid by Unigestion to Famsa are used to support NGOs as well as medical, scientific and cultural projects.

Our work is guided by our core values, which are at the heart of our decision-making process:

  • Tolerance and integrity

  • Dignity and respect

  • Excellence and transparency

  • Sustainability and accountability

Our grants are directed towards inspiring initiatives and impactful organisations.

Areas of focus

Actions that respond to clearly stated humanitarian needs with a strong commitment to human rights.

Humanitarian action & Human rights

Investing in education means investing in the empowerment of individuals and communities, fostering the knowledge, skills and opportunities that pave the way for a brighter, fairer future


Academic research and cutting-edge clinical projects lead to new treatments and improve patient care.
Ultimately, they shape the future of medicine.

Medical Research & Clinical projects

Active community engagement is at the heart of sustainable development, creating a collaborative environment where collective efforts lead to positive change and social cohesion

Community engagement

Promoting art and culture enriches societies by fostering creativity, preserving heritage and encouraging diversity.

Arts and culture

Nature and Conservation 

Defending nature and conservation efforts is essential to preserve biodiversity, protect ecosystems and ensure a sustainable balance between human development and the well-being of our planet


Since its inception, Famsa has made substantial contributions to impactful non profit endeavors, carefully selecting organisations, stakeholders, and individuals spearheading inspiring projects. Below are some of the projects and structures that Famsa has actively supported:

Foundation bodies

Foundation Board

Bernard Sabrier, President​​​

Yasmina Sabrier, Member

Hala Audi, Member

David Turysk, Member

Tania Papazian Brocca




Supervisory Board

Maurice Dabbah

Shelby du Pasquier

Patrick Fenal

Selection process and criteria

Famsa welcomes applications for grants. If you believe your project fits within the Foundation’s values and priorities, please complete and submit the information form here. Attachments can be sent directly to Famsa:

In your application, you should be able to demonstrate:

  • Clear achievable goals

  • A flawless execution plan

  • Leadership and appropriate competencies

  • Evaluation procedures and suitable tools to measure impact

  • Full transparency and accountability

  • A proven track record

  • Financial stability

Your project will be assessed based on your completed form and supplementary documents provided so please ensure these are comprehensive. We may request further information from you during the process.

We will reply formally to your application in writing within two months.

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